DragonRealm adds four unique entites to Minecraft. They are listed below with their information.

Alpha Dragon: This is the strongest and largest of the DragonRealm dragons. You will know this type by it's red color and dominating behavior.

Hunter Dragon: Hunter Dragons are distinguished by their yellow color. They are not as large or strong as Alpha Dragons, but make no mistake, they can "pack a punch."

Scout Dragon: Scout Dragons are the smallest of the DragonRealm dragons and are green in color. Although the may seem weak, they can be a challenge for "early game" players.

Elder Dragon Slayer: Although they were once considered protectors of the land, the Elder Dragon Slayers now choose a life of retirement in villages trading DragonRealm loot to other fellow dragon slayers.


Alpha Dragon Hunter Dragon Scout Dragon Elder Dragon Slayer
Health 500 - 2000 100 - 500 1 - 75 20
Attack 12 - 20 6 - 11 1 - 5 NA

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